Exploring the Imposter Syndrome

Photo by Ree on Pexels.com As a woman of color, I grew up knowing that I'd always have to work twice as hard to compensate for the fact that I am a woman of color trying to be successful. It is exhausting to have to always hold yourself to a higher standard and somehow still … Continue reading Exploring the Imposter Syndrome

Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit

IT'S STORYTIME! Confidence and self-esteem tend to go hand in hand in most cases, and I don't know about you, but I usually fake both! However, after attending the Beauty Summit in New York hosted by Create & Cultivate, I realized I was selling myself short. I talked myself out of taking more pictures, and … Continue reading Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit

Why Waiting for the "Perfect Moment" is Bullshit

That's me. Far left. (Next to some gorgeous gals btw) At an event that the old me would have talked myself out of. I almost always listen to that really annoying voice that tells me I can't ALL THE TIME. I've had the desire to start a blog for a little over ten years, and … Continue reading Why Waiting for the "Perfect Moment" is Bullshit