One thing I love about vision boarding is that you generally don't have a plan when you get started, but then your clippings gradually come together into a cohesive idea. You flip through those magazines and find pictures, quotes, or items that fall in line with your vision for your life and then when you … Continue reading SHE X SHINES

Let’s Not Wait Until 1/1 to get our Shit Together

As I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across a post from The Champagne Diet that said, "January 1st is a comfort zone" and it hit me, how many years have I made lists of goals and resolutions that sit on my desk until 1/1? Why am I waiting for the new year to start … Continue reading Let’s Not Wait Until 1/1 to get our Shit Together

How to: Getting Organized

Have you ever found yourself looking at someone you admire and wondering, "How do they do it?" We all do! It's sometimes amazing to see how others manage their lives and thrive and still have time to read books and vacation while working and wearing face masks. Being organized is essential in leading a successful … Continue reading How to: Getting Organized