So, I will be taking a much needed break for the month of July. The importance of self care and mental health is something I stand by and there is no better time than now to focus on that wholeheartedly. I have so many wonderful things planned, but I cannot share them in my current headspace. Between the pandemic, civil unrest, my draining job, being a mom, and everything else, I just can’t get anything done, and coming down on myself for being unproductive is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m starting to grasp the importance of understanding who I am, what I want, and where I desire to be and I can’t wait to share this experience with you once I’m back in August. I’ll be distancing from social media too, but I promise I’ll be back and better than ever!

Feel free to read through old posts, and if you’re interested, you can join my newsletter as that should be fully launched by my return in August.

I can’t stress this enough. Take care of yourself.

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