Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Blessed Babe!

I can’t even tell you all how many times I’ve almost deleted this site permanently. How many times I’d talk myself into giving up and leaving this blog as a failed project. I could only imagine how much of myself I would have missed out on if I gave up.

It was right here at the PHL Bloggers conference where The Blessed Babe was born. I sat through that conference and saw everything I wanted my blog to be, where I wanted it to go, and who I wanted to reach. However, I didn’t have any idea how to get there. I just knew that it was something I felt I needed to jump into before I lost my fire.

And just like that I bought my domain and put together a cute little site on Wix. I didn’t know about SEO, coding, marketing, themes, or anything else. I just knew I wanted to write and reach people and the rest would fall into place.

Two days before the blog launched!

I was tired of waiting for things to be perfect, or look perfect. I was tired of waiting to be who I envisioned myself to be. I was tired. So that ended up being my inspiration for my first post ever.

I stepped out on a limb and called myself out on my own bullshit, bullshit others fed me from their insecurities, and other bullshit that’s just well, bullshit. This was my first step into really finding myself and really learning who I am.

I played the comparison game for a while, bit off way more than I could chew and after a while the burnout from work and the blog were too much to handle. I felt like I was letting everyone down, but it was all a part of the process. The trial and error went on for a while, but I learned that I didn’t need to put up a blog post every day, post 95 times on Instagram, or be like the other bloggers that I see online. I still didn’t fully get it though. I ended up spent thousands on webinars, content calendars, presets that I don’t know how to use, organizational apps, content apps, editing apps, so many goddamn apps. A waste.

Everyone had a secret formula to instant blog success and my FBI agent just kept putting those damn ads up and down my newsfeed. My email flooded with #BossBabe and #Goaldiggers and generic, “Hey Chanel, I want to share my 67 page e-book for $27 that will prompt you to sit in on my free seminar which will close out offering my one of a kind web class that’s a on a one time only sale of $97! A Steal!” emails that literally follow the same format! It’s nothing new, don’t drink the damn Kool-aid. Please. Let my mistakes be the example.

I’ve been writing my whole life, it’s the only form of expression that I continued to put effort in from childhood to adulthood. It’s my therapy, my outlet, my first love, my forever bae. It’s the reason I couldn’t delete this website. I knew that there was something there, I just had to tap into it. I know that I can’t publish anything that I’m not inspired by or in love with, which is why I have a ton of drafts waiting to be finished. It’s an emotional process and it’d be super hypocritical of me to push you all to be the best version of yourself, if I’m not giving the best version of me in these posts.

I reclaimed my passions after Savannah was born, really invested in creating a brand and I’m working on things that make me happy. I’m well overdue for some happiness after all this damn trauma. I joined the She x Shines academy which really helped me create a mission, a target audience, and really move from just a blog to a real brand. It took time, failures, heartbreaks behind the scenes, breakdowns, and tons of mistakes to get here and I would do it all again.

Moral of the story, jump. Take that risk and follow your dreams down the rabbit hole. You’ll bump your head, fall a few times, fail a lot, but the goal is to learn and grow. If you aren’t learning or growing then what the hell are you doing anything for? I’m proud of myself. I deserve the love I get because I earned it. I challenge you to take that leap, give yourself credit for where you landed and then keep pushing forward. Don’t stop! You got this!

Happy 2nd Anniversary to The Blessed Babe, here’s to a million more.

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