One thing I love about vision boarding is that you generally don’t have a plan when you get started, but then your clippings gradually come together into a cohesive idea. You flip through those magazines and find pictures, quotes, or items that fall in line with your vision for your life and then when you finish you have this gorgeous board to keep you motivated. We are 20 days into January and just because you haven’t checked off anything on your ridiculously long to-do list doesn’t mean the month has gone to waste! I highly recommend taking some time during your three-day weekend to visualize what you want this year to look like. I decided to set goals with intention, no more 2-page long lists and unrealistic plans that have nothing to do with my current path. As I get closer to my due date, my main goals are creating a happy and healthy environment for my little Savannah to flourish in. I can only do that by being the best version of myself, and continuing to invest in me and make sure I’m in the right state of mind. I am working to being present, positive, and peaceful. That’s my mantra for the rest of the year! We are often so pressured to be perfect that we exacerbate our anxiety and just spiral into a hot mess. (Speaking from experience). I didn’t want 2019 to be the same.

I’m so grateful to be able to get out and network with amazing women who continue to inspire me! A special thank you to AnnaLaura and Alex from SHE X SHINES for hosting an amazing event. I love that I left feeling full of positive energy and ready to take on the year! These ladies are absolutely amazing so make sure you follow them on IG and attend the next event! What I love about them is that they both run their own brands and decided to collaborate to create a community of career women who have side hustles. It’s nothing like meeting like-minded people, networking, and sharing ideas. I’m very introverted but I love these events because I always try to meet someone new and share their brand with others!

If it’s an event about inspiring or empowering women, you can guarantee that the love of my life Chelsea will be there with me! In a world where they want women to constantly compete, it’s always good have a BFF by your side to collab with, brainstorm with, encourage you when things look bleak, or complain about our jobs because we should honestly be millionaires on a yacht by now. As I said on my IG yesterday, keep your goals close and you BFF closer! You always need someone in your corner!