Deck the Halls!

It’s #ThrowbackThursday so I felt I’d travel down memory lane as we all wait anxiously for a 4-day weekend. Over the years I’ve had a love-hate relationship with Christmas, growing up as an only child allowed me to have some pretty lavish gifts!

As times changed, things got harder, as they usually do. My grandmother Martha who was my pride and joy was diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2000. As she got worse and all I wanted for Christmas was for her to get better and things could go back to normal. Sadly, God had other plans, and she went home on New Years Day 2001. Moving forward this time of year has always been hard, and if I’m not feeling depressed, I’m feeling disappointed.

My Grandmother Martha

Don’t worry, this gradually gets happier!

My mother did a lot for me when she was single, but after she got remarried things just took a turn. My stepdad just started doing less for the family, and as a preteen, I had to deal with shitty Christmas mornings. I felt like I was forgotten or put on the back burner and I just stopped caring about the holidays altogether. If you don’t expect anything, you can’t be disappointed. I lost my holiday spirit until a few years ago, life has changed for the better and there was so much to be grateful for! Over time I’ve turned into more of a giver during the holiday season. It’s something about seeing people light up when they get just what they asked for!

As I started to think less of myself and more of the people around me, I began to see the joy of Christmas again. I built better friendships and learned so much about the non-material things you gain this time of year. I was able to give more to my family and friends and I felt happier with the focus on them instead. I can wait for my little girl to get old enough to enjoy this time of year! I want you all to love on your family and friends this year, 2018 has been crazy and honestly family time and little hot chocolate should take your mind off the state of the world.

Happy Holidays Everyone!