Oh, Hello!

So it’s been a while since we caught up. I took a bit of a hiatus due to health reasons and I’m finally feeling more like myself! I hit a serious low and lost all desire to do anything so getting back to posting on a regular basis feels good. Just getting back to feeling like a normal human is pretty great too.

I urge you all to take care of your self, all of yourself. It’s extremely important to take care of your mental health as well. I’m speaking from experience, there is always someone out there you can talk to! My depression got to a point I almost took my life not once, but twice! It’s a long story but I’m super grateful for friends and family.

On a lighter note, I’ll be working on revamping the site over the next few weeks, and switching up some of the content. It’ll still focus on self care, but I want to dig deeper and share so much more. I’ll be working on a long update covering the shitshow my life has been over the last few months. Not all of it’s bad but most of it sucks 😂. That should be up by the end of this week or earlier next week if I can find a way to not procrastinate another week of school work.

Lastly, for those of you who check in (because I can see it) thank you so much for sticking around while I was MIA! I hope you like the things I have planned for the blog! Love you and I’ll talk to you soon!!