Self Worth and Happiness: Am I Enough??

I don’t know about you, but this retrograde is trying to kick my ass. I’m an emotional mess, and I’m so happy that it’s almost over. I can’t lie though, this one has revealed so much about the people around me and honestly I’ve never been more grateful for being able to see people for who they are. It hurt like hell though.

These events, of course, led me into a downward spiral. I’d already had a significant situation happen that LITERALLY broke my heart and I fell into this pit of low self-esteem and despair. The question rose up…am I enough for anyone or anything?

We often find ourselves playing a game, knowingly and unknowingly we compare ourselves to everyone and everything. We wonder if we’re good enough for our friends, family, significant other, even our career. This comparison isn’t on purpose; it comes from a place of dissatisfaction we have within ourselves.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves if this person, career, etc., deserves us and not the other way around. You’re gracing these things with your presence and they should be thanking the Lord you’re even there. Putting energy into a life that isn’t aligned with your purpose is where we end up falling out of line with our true self. Stop letting social media dictate your versions of success, love, beauty, money, and health. Most of those people are only as good as their last post.

There are plenty of days when I don’t feel like I measure up. I wanted to own a house and be married with children by now and that just didn’t happen. The odd timeline I had set for my life was full of unrealistic expectations and it took me constantly failing to realize that it wasn’t meant for me to live my life that way, and nothing is wrong with me if I no longer desire those things, or obtain those things later on in life. I enjoy not being married, or having children right now. I love that I’m saving money to buy a home. I don’t feel that pressure that used to force me to try and keep up with the Jones’s, that phase of my life will come. I’m devoting my time and energy into things that make me genuinely happy, and I’m doing better. You’ll still have moments where you see something or someone and you feel that twinge of envy, it’s human. It’s only means that you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone live your best life, by your own standards.

I love you all! Keep putting yourself first and you’ll see everything fall into place, you’re worthy, you’re enough, and you deserve the best of everything.