Don’t worry, I’m still stewing in guilt gumbo for my “posting schedule…”

I’ve been working on the Creepcon video and post over the last week and a half and this amazing thing happened. After HOURS filming, editing (which was hard AF), I finally finished the video and as I exported it to Youtube it corrupted and I lost just about everything. I cried for 35 minutes.

But the good news is that I have still have bits and pieces of footage, so I’ll be filming again and making sure that I save every 3 seconds.

The moral of the story: Shit happens, and you really can only move forward and be better. It’s honestly been a rough few weeks, and I thought that I would have been able to handle it better, but sometimes you slip and it’s a little harder to get up. Just know that when you do get up you’re stronger, better, and sassier than you were before. Stay tuned for a more consistent version of me as I try to slay this blogging thing once and for all.

Love you all! 😍