You Gotta Have Vision!

(Refer to the pimp counsel scene from Willie Dynamite for the title of this weeks post.) I had an enlightening time with Anna Sommers at Athleta for a vision board party. I usually avoid these because I have a vague idea of what I consider my visions to be. Like everyone else, I write lists, I save pictures, but how does it all tie into the bigger picture I see for myself? Looking at a blank poster was a bit overwhelming, but as always it came together.

I want to expand the board gradually, but I think this was a great start. Self Care is a huge part of my identity, so of course, it’s everywhere. I also picked a few things I want to knock off my bucket list too. Travel is a big goal for me, and I can’t wait to take the amazing trips I have planned! Fitness is a new one for me, but if you’ve been watching me on InstaStory, I’ve been making an effort to work out three times a week! I made a vow to myself to treat my body and myself better, and I’m pleased with myself for keeping it!

Putting visuals to your goals makes it feel much more attainable, no matter how big or small it is. When making your board, pick words, phrases or activities that stand out to you. Add bright colors or glitter so that the most important things stand out. Last, put it where you can see it all the time! I have a refurbished bulletin board that I stick just about everything too. Ticket stubs from fun events or movies, coupons for beauty products, and the picture my little brother colored of a Minion for me. I placed my vision board right in the middle, so it always catches my eye. I can’t wait to share my board’s progress throughout the year!