Put the Self in Self Care

What’s weird about self-care is how much we talk ourselves out of needing it. I’ve not seen my therapist since March, I’ve screwed up my skin care regimen, I don’t have enough wine at home, and I journal sporadically. I’m extremely burnt out from work and an extended weekend seemed like a dream come true….except it wasn’t. It just gave me an extra day to get my ass kicked by my anxiety. I’m so conditioned to expect the worst that I can’t relax when things are going well. (What a shit-show).

Now before you click away because that intro was sad AF…some good did come from the trip. Despite the panic attacks (that I hid very well thank you), I realized I’m not doing enough to make myself happy, and I’m not taking care of myself on MY terms. We generalize self-care with this idea of mud masks, spa trips, yoga and book clubs and while yeah, that’s amazing, it may not be helping at all. If none of those things matter to you, how in the world do you expect it improve how you take care of yourself? What do you love? What makes you feel relaxed? How can you devote time every day to that thing?
I was honest with myself, and that sucks because the last thing you want to do is turn the mirror on you and deal with the real shit because…reality. BUT the along with it being humbling AF, I felt grounded and more aware of the pieces of me that are standing in the way of me living my best life. I fail at being present; I can only imagine how much I’ve missed because my eyes are always glued to my phone…I have to be present and experience the beauty around me because I love to be surrounded by amazing energies, yet here I am in a beautiful space scrolling through IG. I’ll get it together lol.
Self-care and mindfulness are practice, and you won’t be immediately good at it. Just work on making habits out of doing things you love. For me, I enjoy books, writing, painting, and music. Lately, I turn off the TV, get lost in the music and write, and I just get lost in it. That’s my happy place. For you, it could be running, singing, doing makeup, volunteering, anything; it doesn’t have to be Instagram’s version of self-care to be valid, it just has to be your version, and that’s what makes it so unique. Everyone cares for themselves differently, make yourself a priority. You’re blessed babe 😉