Create & Cultivate Beauty Summit


Confidence and self-esteem tend to go hand in hand in most cases, and I don’t know about you, but I usually fake both!

However, after attending the Beauty Summit in New York hosted by Create & Cultivate, I realized I was selling myself short. I talked myself out of taking more pictures, and being more interactive at the pop-ups because I kept telling myself I wasn’t pretty enough to participate. (There are a lot of people that will yell at me after reading this). That didn’t mean I didn’t have fun; I THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself! I learned so much about the beauty industry and discovered some fantastic influencers that I now follow for inspiration. (and the swag bags were AHHHMAZING) I will definitely be going back next year.

Honestly, everyone has things they’re insecure about, and there is no way around it, but I am learning that you can get through it. I’m challenging myself to find things about me that I think are beautiful and also see the beauty in the things that make me feel insecure. I’ve learned to stop comparing my looks and my life to others, and now find ways to apply what I admire about them to myself. Along with that, do beauty things that will make you feel amazing! Get that blowout or color you’ve always wanted, try a new make tutorial, or get a facial or massage. Challenge yourself every week to genuinely feel beautiful and love yourself unconditionally, as Jen Sincero says, “You are the only you there is and ever will be.” So to hell with insecurities, live your best life.

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