Why Waiting for the "Perfect Moment" is Bullshit

That’s me. Far left. (Next to some gorgeous gals btw) At an event that the old me would have talked myself out of. I almost always listen to that really annoying voice that tells me I can’t ALL THE TIME. I’ve had the desire to start a blog for a little over ten years, and I always felt like it wasn’t the “right time” and I needed to wait until everything in my life was perfect to get started. I know, I know, in most cases you should just JUMP headfirst and figure it all out later on, but I allowed my anxiety to overpower my fearlessness. I realized that for me to live the life I desire, I had to push past my insecurities and take risks. For me, that risk was attended The Blog Connect in Philly, and at that event, I birthed a concrete idea for this blog….and then I acted on my plans and here we are!

Of course in life timing is everything, and it took me about seven trips to rock bottom to understand that when you put all your energy into things that are not aligned to your destiny, it instantly becomes a shit show. There was no way I could have developed the confidence to get my ideas out in the open if I hadn’t gone through those things, but I held myself back by not taking a chance on my passions. I realized that in my subconscious I was telling myself to wait on my dreams, I wasn’t ready, everything isn’t in place, blah blah blah. I damn near drove myself insane! Take the risk. There will never be a perfect moment; you produce your best when you feel like everything is falling apart and you have to pull yourself out. It is 100000000%, okay to jump in, and you have no idea what door you could open for yourself. Define what you think your dream life should be and make it happen! There are plenty of resources that can help you make your ideas a reality. I’ve noticed the bigger and more unrealistic my goals are the more willing I am to challenge myself to make it happen.

I have big plans for this blog, and I’m just glad you took the time to read my intro post. I hope to inspire you, empower you, and share my struggles with my self-care regimen (that changes every day). I’ve realized an integral part of self-care is honesty, turning the mirror to yourself and addressing the shit that you pretend doesn’t exist is how you heal. My goal is to share my journey, and my life with you the best way I know how, through my writing. Always remember that even when life sucks, you’re #blessed babe. Now let’s go live our best lives!

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